The Finals: Every Heavy Weapon, Ranked

7 months ago

The Finals, a high-speed action FPS game that has been hotly anticipated by fans of the genre for quite a while, has finally been released after its numerous beta tests. It makes sense that a game as competitive and hectic as this one would need these sorts of trial periods so that the developers can work on balancing each of the weapons, but there are still quite a few that are immensely powerful, especially when it comes to the Heavy class.

Of course, the bulkiness of these guns does mean that players won’t be quite as light on their feet when wielding them, but when it comes to mowing down enemy teams and clearing a path for allies, no weapons do it quite as well as these. Any players who are interested in trying out the Heavy class have several options to choose from when it comes to weaponry.

There’s no denying that the Lewis Gun boasts some pretty good stats overall, but there is one large drawback that keeps the gun from being as effective as possible, and that’s the horrible recoil. Even when single-firing the Lewis Gun, the reticle will fly up the screen, making it very difficult to actually focus on the enemy who is being shot at.

With that being said, though, the Lewis Gun is clearly designed for players who can hang back behind their defenses to provide covering fire for allies. Therefore, it’s at its most effective when paired with the Heavy’s Specializations, such as the Goo Gun, where the player can pop in and out of cover to lay down cover fire rather than charging in all guns blazing.

Similar to the Lewis Gun, the M60 doesn’t fare too well when it comes to accuracy, but one major benefit it does have is the maximum ammo count, holding a staggering 70 bullets, compared to the Lewis Gun’s 47. Considering that the reload is fairly lengthy for a game this fast-paced, these few extra bullets go a very long way, and in classic LMG fashion, they’ll tear enemies apart so long as the player can get to grips with the harsh recoil.

This weapon really is the definition of spray n’ pray, and while it can definitely take a few matches to get to grips with it, it can be pretty devastating in the right hands. It would have been nice for the damage to be just a little higher, but then again, even a tweak as small as this could have made it near game-breaking.

The Heavy class will be able to use the sledgehammer for both offensive and supportive purposes, but in truth, it’s much better suited to assisting the team by opening up the map to create sightlines and vantage points. The sledgehammer can tear down walls like nobody’s business, and if players are part of a well-organized team, they can easily catch an enemy team by surprise by using it.

Breaking into a building and then holding up the Mesh Shield while the other players finish off the enemy is a very effective attack strategy that can instantly wipe a squad out. The only real issue is that the sledgehammer is very clunky to use offensively, especially with its power swing, which is extremely slow to pull off. Unless the player has a Healing Beam powering them up, or the enemy has been blinded by a gas or flash grenade, it’s really not worth charging head-first at a team with a sledgehammer in hand.

The flamethrower is incredibly fun to use, and it can be absolutely lethal in small and isolated areas, but the damage can be a little lackluster, giving a lot of faster classes just enough time to escape from the flames if their reflexes are good enough. Admittedly, it can become very strong for infiltration strategies; players can simply use the Charge ‘N Slam ability to charge through a wall and light up anyone who might be hiding on the other side.

This weapon can be considered a double-edged sword in terms of its overall effectiveness, but it definitely shouldn’t be ignored since it can still completely annihilate enemy teams who tend to stay together in one small group. Experienced players can even use the Goo Gun to prevent the enemy from escaping once they start burning, and while it can take a bit of practice to pull this off, it’s incredibly satisfying to outsmart an enemy this way.

The MGL32 grenade launcher is an incredibly powerful weapon thanks to the range of its shots and the radius of the actual explosive blasts themselves. This weapon holds 6 grenades in total before it needs to be reloaded, which is more than enough to decimate a few enemies who are in close proximity, and it’s especially dangerous for close-knit teams who use their abilities in unison.

For example, it can be very common to see Medium classes using their Healing Beam to keep their bulkier teammates alive from behind, but by firing a single grenade, it can disperse both characters and cause some real chaos in the process. The grenades can also bounce once or twice before actually exploding, which can lead to some extremely satisfying ricochet kills. Of course, it also has some amazing potential for destroying the environment from afar, which is always a nice added bonus in a game where anything can be turned to rubble.

Considering that this semi-automatic shotgun is technically a heavy weapon, it’s deceptively fast and can still pack a tremendous punch if the player is close enough to the target. The fire rate really depends on the player’s trigger finger, but it’s encouraged to space out the shells since rapid firing can harshly impact accuracy.

Still, there’s no doubt that when it comes to crowd control, the SA1216 is one of the best weapons in the game, and its reload also isn’t too shabby either. It’s a fantastic overall weapon that is absolutely lethal at close range thanks to its ridiculously high damage stat, making it a true force to be reckoned with in The Finals.…Read more by Ewan Lewis


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