Why AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings Assigns Points to Orgs and Not Players

7 months ago

Why AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings Assigns Points to Orgs and Not Players

The leaderboard points in the AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings are assigned keeping in mind several factors like size of the prize pool, nature of the event (LAN or not) and so on. There are some advantages and disadvantages of the team rankings, check the article to know more about how it affects the organization and a player.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) scene in India has seen a significant growth in the number of teams, players and fans. After the game was unbanned in May, a number of esports organizations grabbed the opportunity to enter the BGMI esports scene with their own lineups. To keep up with the performance of the growing number of teams, AFK Gaming introduced the . In this article we will talk about advantages and disadvantages of leaderboard points being assigned to organizations and not players. RELATED: Sid Says BGMI Teams Will Never Unite Against Cheaters Advantages and disadvantages of leaderboard points being assigned to organizations and not players
• None Promotes team over individual: The teams on the leaderboards are assigned points as a whole and each player’s performances are deemed to be equal. It does not matter how many finishes each player has secured as long as the team has achieved the ultimate goal of performing as a unit and winning the title. For example, the In Game Leader (IGL) of a team may not have as many finishes as the assaulter because the IGL’s role is to make quick decisions and scout for safe positions in the zone.
• None Stability in Rosters: Some organizations in India go through roster changes after almost every events. The team rankings will help an organization to understand their team’s overall performance and invest in them to grow as a unit over the long term.
• None Brand Deals and Sponsorship: Consistently performing and climbing up the leaderboards will help a team get recognition and attract brand deals and sponsorships. Each player along with the organization will enjoy financial stability and will be encouraged to keep improving.
• None Helps in Brand Building: Teams at the top of the team rankings will get attention from the fans and they can expand their fan base. If a team has a huge fan base it also attracts sponsors and even if the organization goes through roster changes, there will still be fans loyal to that particular organization. Team Soul is one of the prime examples of this as its roster has gone through major changes since its initiation but its fan base has been growing continuously.
• None Players may not get tournament invitations after being released: A team placed in the top 24 of the team rankings is most likely to be invited to major events. As the teams are assigned points on the leaderboard rankings and not the players, even if a particular team’s roster changes its ranking will not be affected and the organization will still receive invitations for events whereas the players who were released from the team may not get direct invites in future events. The BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 is a good example of this, where the top 96 teams from BGMI India Series (BGIS) 2023 were invited and the organization had the invitation even after making changes to its roster.
• None Less Individual Growth: When a team climbs up the leaderboard, the focus will be on the team and individual performances may not be highlighted. The players in an organization will be judged on the same level and the star performers will be undervalued which will indirectly lead to them getting less opportunities for individual growth.
• None Equal parameters for all players: Allocating points to teams rather than players can hide team weaknesses and may not guarantee long-term stability. Some players on a team may underperform and go under the radar due to the overall performance of the team. The team rankings allocate points to a team without taking into account the individual performances of a player and all the players are judged on the same level which can be a disadvantage.
• None Recognition: The players are not considered while allocating points to a team which means players who performed admirably may not get the recognition they deserve. They may be kept in the same category as other players despite their extraordinary skill which may lead to their capabilities going unrecognized. For example, a player securing multiple finish points gets all the accolades and recognition but some players who thrive in difficult scenarios and gather placement points may go unnoticed. RELATED: BGMI Community Speaks up Against Teams Cheating in BMPS 2023 It is important to note that a team is allotted points after considering several factors like the size of the prize pool for an event, the nature of the event (LAN or not), whether it is a Krafton event or not, and more. A team’s ranking will keep on changing based on its performance in recent events. If a team performs consistently in major events like BGMI India Series (BGIS) or BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) but has an average performance in third party events, it will still be climbing the charts due to the nature of the events it has performed in. Check out to see how your favorite teams performed across recent events and learn more about underdog teams rankings. RELATED: Owais Says There Are No Good BGMI Coaches in India…Read more by Umesh Borkar


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