Bill Belichick signals ‘ugly split’ with Patriots as the veteran HC doesn’t plan on making breakup easy

7 months ago

The New England Patriots‘ offseason is bound to be more interesting than the team’s actual season. All signs point to Robert Kraft having come to the conclusion that he will fire his Head Coach and GM Bill Belichick, who has stayed with him for 23 years and become the greatest coach of all time. However, this is easier said than done. A report courtesy of Boston Sports Journal reveals Belichick is not going to go out without a fight. The Patriots have managed to win just 3 games this season and have lost 10. They are on track to miss the playoffs for the third time in four years. Insiders within the Patriots do not see the veteran HC stepping away in a peaceful manner. It will get ugly and change the dynamic of his relationship with Mr. Kraft.

The team would wish to do so by releasing a statement that expresses gratitude for everything he has done for the organization. Would that make Coach Belichick happy? No, he would prefer a well-planned press conference and the one thing he would ensure is to push the narrative that he is voluntarily stepping away from the game and going out on his own terms. Bill Belichick has done everything on his terms and will go out in a similar fashion NBC Sports’ Tom Curran referred to the Patriots’ loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Germany and that the ownership had come to a solid conclusion after that game. Belichick had to go. The HC is in the penultimate year of his contract with the team. At age 71, Belichick was rumored to have signed an extension before the commencement of this season with the Patriots.

Jerod Mayo , the linebackers coach for the Patriots, is believed to be next in line, but that was if Belichick were to be let go in the middle of the season. Could the Patriots get a new coach from outside the organization such as Mike Vrabel or John Harbaugh ? Maybe, but first, they will need to part ways with the greatest NFL coach who led the team to its highest of highs and unfortunately, is now leading them into the lowest of lows. This offseason will be crucial for New England as the team needs to revamp its front office, think about who the franchise QB of the team will be and, of course, key coaching hires. It’s unfortunate to see Belichick going out in this way, but irrespective of his final seasons, he will always be remembered as the man who recognized Tom Brady and built one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history.…Read more by Sumedh Joshi


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