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7 months ago

Peach Aviation, a low-cost carrier in Japan, has launched an innovative campaign offering travel credit of $35 to individuals with new or renewed passports. The campaign, featuring a monthly lottery, aims to boost international travel and increase the relatively low percentage of Japanese citizens who take advantage of their powerful passports.

According to JapanTimes, only about 15 percent of Japan’s population take advantage of their powerful passport, which can be estimated at roughly 18 million, VisaGuide.World reports.

Due to unexpectedly high demand, Peach Aviation is now considering a second campaign, as revealed by Miyabi Nanya, a marketing strategy professional at Peach, a subsidiary of ANA Holdings.

Japan has historically showcased low levels of passport ownership, with only a fraction of its population holding valid passports. According to Yoko Hayano, Chief Consultant at JTB Tourism Research & Consulting, this trend is due to the abundance of enjoyable domestic travel options within the island nation.

Several factors, including higher costs due to inflation, the weakened yen, the war in Ukraine, and global instability, may have contributed to the decreased demand for international travel among Japanese citizens. In an effort to stimulate demand, the Japan Association of Travel Agents ran a campaign to offset passport costs through September.

Hayano also points out that Japan tends to recover more slowly in terms of travel following infectious disease outbreaks, such as the COVID-19 virus, compared to other countries. Despite current challenges, she remains optimistic about the eventual recovery of Japan’s travel sector.

The Visa Guide Passport Index, which has been recently updated, reveals that Japan’s passport is ranked 15th strongest internationally, falling behind Luxembourg and Hungary. Excluding the European passports, Japan ranks second, with the Singapore passport ranking higher (second internationally).

Japan’s passport ranks among the world’s most influential, allowing visa-free entry to 142 global destinations. However, despite this privilege, only 21.8 million valid Japanese passports were in circulation at the end of 2022, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reveals.

The Index reveals that Japan was ranked 16th strongest passport in the world in December 2023, down from the 15th position it held in November and October, while at the beginning of the year (February, March, April, and May), it was ranked first.

Currently, Japanese passport holders can travel visa-free to 151 countries and to nine countries with an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and passport-free to 36 countries.…Read more by Arbërie Shabani


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