Emotional keys to survive change in Argentina

7 months ago

In Argentina, a nation marked by political polarization, the coexistence of divergent perspectives in the so-called “rift” adds an additional layer of emotional complexity to the picture.
• Emotional self-awareness: Taking time to reflect on personal emotions in the face of change is essential. Self-awareness provides the necessary foundation for understanding and managing emotional reactions.
• Mindfulness Practices: Coping with uncertainty with mindfulness practices, such as meditation, can reduce anxiety and cultivate the ability to stay in the present, even when the future is uncertain.
• Empathic communication: In an environment of antagonistic positions, empathy becomes a crucial tool. Actively listening to others, even when we don’t share their views, contributes to more constructive dialogue.
• Focus on the controllable: In the midst of uncertainty, focusing on aspects that can be controlled provides emotional stability. Establishing personal routines and developing personal skills strengthens individual resilience.
• Seeking social support: Connecting with those who share similar experiences provides invaluable support. Building support networks and sharing concerns helps counteract emotional isolation.

In short, in Argentina, where political and social tensions complicate emotional management, the adoption of these keys can make the difference between anguish and resilience. Navigating beyond the comfort zone requires a conscious focus on emotional well-being, both individually and collectively. In this journey of transformation, emotional cues become beacons that guide towards adaptation and hope amid the turbulent waters of change.…Read more by


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