49ers Rookie Safety is Approaching the Super Bowl Like a Veteran

5 months ago

LAS VEGAS — Playing in the Super Bowl can take its toll on a player, especially young ones. Unless you’re San Francisco 49ers rookie safety Ji’Ayir Brown.

He is not someone that will feel any of that. His approach to the Super Bowl resembles that of a veteran. Now, plenty of young players or rookies have claimed that, but when you listen to how Brown is talking about pressure, you wholeheartedly believe his words.

“No pressure. No pressure,” Brown said confidently. “I believe in everything I am. All the lessons in life that God put me through to get here, all the hard work I put in since a child, it got me to where I’m supposed to be at, and I’m supposed to be right here at this stage… I believe everything’s been written already. It’s just up to me to go out there and live it. I’m not a big jitter guy. Ima be pumped, Ima be excited and ready to go. No jitters over here.”

Brown has been in the starting lineup for the 49ers ever since Talanoa Hufanga tore his ACL against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A loss like Hufanga should’ve left a sizeable whole on the 49ers’ defense, but Brown has been able to shrink it.

That is thanks to his mentality, which is clearly a confident and fearless. He may be a rookie, but he approaches the game like a veteran. It is why he has been succeeding for the most part since becoming a starter.

Brown will need to play the game of his life. Going against Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid will require him of that. It is yet to be seen how he will fare, but as it stands, he is trending towards that becoming a reality and it is due to his strong will.…Read more by Jose Luis Sanchez III


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