Actress Surbhi Chandna gives insights into her Roka ceremony with Karan Sharma

5 months ago

Actress Surbhi Chandna recently announced that she is all set to get married to her longtime boyfriend, Karan Sharma. Surbhi Chandna, the beloved actress renowned for her role in Ishqbaaaz, has once again captured the hearts of her fans with a surprise- sharing glimpses of their Roka ceremony, which was held on 18th September 2023.

After an incredible thirteen years of companionship, the couple has decided to embark on the journey of marriage. Their much-anticipated wedding festivities are slated to unfold on the 1st and 2nd of March 2024 in the enchanting city of Jaipur. But the surprises didn’t stop there.

Chandna delighted her followers by offering a glimpse into the joyous occasion of their roka ceremony, which took place against the stunning backdrop of Goa. In a heartwarming video shared on social media, the couple and their families exude sheer happiness as they partake in the traditional rituals marking the beginning of their union.

Reflecting on the significance of the moment, actress shared, “September is such a Special month for both of us. Both our birthdays fall in the same month and we are just two days apart. We decided it would be even more special if we did our ROKA in September. The idea was to have a ROKA*TION (roka + vacation) spread over 3 Days in Goa and boy we had so much fun with the Sharmas and Chandnas and blessings from above. Sealed it finally after 13 years on 18.09.2023”.

Describing the essence of the occasion, she coined the term “ROKA*TION,” signifying a blend of roka and vacation, spanning three memorable days filled with joy and laughter amidst the serene shores of Goa.

The couple has been together for over 13 years now, and they broke the silence in the most endearing manner possible – through an Instagram post featuring their adorable pet, proudly announcing, “My Humans Are Getting Married.”

As the countdown to their Jaipur wedding begins, fans eagerly await to witness the next chapter in the love story of Surbhi Chandna and Karan R Sharma, wishing them a lifetime of happiness and togetherness.

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