This app enhances your headshots, selfies, and uses AI to bring fun backgrounds

5 months ago

This is a photo editor that uses all the power of artificial intelligence. You might have seen this app in its previous name, “LightX Express”. It comes with different AI filters to give you some new backgrounds to your selfies or other photos.

You can also use the app to create your own unique headshots, if you need something like that for work. You can use the AI to figure out something new for your wardrobe. See what an outfit would look like on you.

It also works when you want to change your hairstyle. You can even see what a certain tattoo might look like on you. There’s something new to it.

You can use the AI to stretch your imagination. Tell the app to create a certain photo by just telling it what you would want to see. It could be putting a favorite celebrity standing on top of a mountain with a lion sitting next to them.

Whatever you can imagine, it can show. AI Photo generator : AI Leap is a free app on iTunes and Android. It has in-app purchases.

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