Does Manchester United Support LGBTQ?

5 months ago

Manchester United are undoubtedly one of the biggest clubs in soccer’s history. The English club holds a deep heritage of winning multiple trophies and bolstering many successful and big-name players to play for them at the highest level of the sport.

In the modern era, we witness many soccer clubs supporting the LGBTQ community in their ways. The Premier League players don Rainbow Laces during a certain period in every season to helm their support for diversity in the beautiful game of soccer. It suggests the inclusion of all without any barriers.

On the individual level clubs also try to do their best to make sure that soccer reaches every corner of the world. Each of their supporters regardless of gender, age, sex, and any other boundaries can enjoy the game. Here we take a look at one such LGBTQ cause supported by England club Manchester United themselves.

The English giants Manchester United provides their backing to an LGBTQ community helmed by the club’s supporters. The community is known by the name of Rainbow Devils. It’s reported to be an independent group formed by the Red Devils supporters. The community reportedly came into effect just before the 2018-2019 Premier League season concluded.

The main agenda behind the Rainbow Devils’ formation is termed to be enabling individuals belonging to the LGBTQ community to join in a safe and adequate place in the world of soccer. It’s bound to keep them away from any sort of unwanted discrimination and unfair treatment.

How does the Manchester United-backed LGBTQ community Rainbow Devils function?

The Rainbow Devils community consists of volunteers who act following the needs of the group. The volunteers are responsible for managing the community’s relationship with the various concerned stakeholders. It also includes the participating individuals from the Rainbow Devils itself.

The same volunteers are also involved in managing the coordination between the Premier League club Manchester United and the Rainbow Devils. Those who want to join the community can sign up on the official website of the group. It has been termed that the membership count of the community has grown by leaps and bounds since its origin.

It currently accounts for over 700 members. The Rainbow Devils representatives also possess decent relationships with other soccer clubs’ LGBTQ initiatives and have a fair amount of coordination with the media as well. It can be drawn that by the look of things the community has taken several steps in the right direction and it must continue to do so.…Read more by Manmohan Kejeriwal


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