Restless billionaires: Uhuru tycoons slowly ditch Raila for Ruto

5 months ago

“Just like the way they have been insulting even Kenyatta’s mother and staging raids against her land in Northlands, where they stole sheep and trees as well as burnt some crops, they have been working hard to silence democracy and buy forced support,” he said.

‘They are even cracking down on our cultural roots where they are arresting our very old and branding them as members of the outlawed Mungiki Sect. We are being targeted for our 2022 political stand and continued insistence that Kenyatta is the Mt Kenya kingpin.”

One of the foundation’s prominent members confided in The Weekly Review that “emissaries were sent to us in May 2023 to tell us the new State House’s power brokers were not happy with the prominent role we had played in opposing Ruto’s assent to power”.

“We are not dwelling in the past… we are in the present and the engagement as of now is to partner with the government to achieve the most critical priorities ahead of us,” he offered.

“All those of us who were in Odinga’s camp have retreated to the peripheries to give the political space a chance to shape itself ahead of the 2027 polls. For now, we are playing it safe for the sake of our interests, national stability and growth.”…Read more by Mwangi Muiruri


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