Today’s Wordle Answer & Hints For March 4, 2024 (Puzzle #989)

5 months ago

Solving March 4th’s Wordle answer shouldn’t be difficult for most players as it can be guessed in less than six attempts using regular starting words. While the answer does not have a repeating letter like yesterday, it does have two vowels that can be tricky to find. However, if you use strategic starting words in tandem with some hints, you should be able to continue your streak without issues.

Today is an excellent opportunity to practice your skills in Wordle’s hard mode, as the answer is fairly easy to guess. If you have never played this mode, it is worth pointing out that the rules are slightly different from the regular mode. The harder mode is somewhat more challenging and doesn’t allow you to reuse confirmed letters in random spots. This can come in handy for more difficult Wordle in the long run.

If you are running out of attempts and don’t want to sacrifice your daily streak, it is recommended that you use some hints at this point. Since these hints do not spoil the answer and give some extra context, you should be able to solve the answer in two attempts. These hints are akin to other games and should be enough to solve March 4th’s Wordle answer:

Solving today’s Wordle answer will require using words that can easily discover the two vowels in your first two attempts. Using words like SCORE, STARE, and BLAME should let you discover the correct positions of four letters. From this point, you need to be careful, and it is recommended that you use some hints since there are many possible answers. You should be able to solve today’s Wordle answer with FLAME on your fourth attempt.…Read more by Akshay Bhalla


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