US honours Greek Fighter Pilot for Saving Crew, Aircraft During Emergency – Greek City Times

5 months ago

Major Anastasios-Sotirios Palamidas, a Greek fighter pilot and instructor at the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program (ENJJPT), has received the prestigious 80th Flying Training Wing Aviation Well Done Award.

Major Palamidas earned the award for his exceptional skill and bravery in safely landing a T-38 aircraft after it suffered a bird strike, causing engine failure and damage. His quick thinking and decisive actions during the emergency saved both himself and his student while preventing millions of dollars in damage.

This recognition highlights Major Palamidas’ expertise and the demanding standards of the ENJJPT program. It also underlines the strong relationship between Greece and the United States, showcasing the caliber of individuals representing the Hellenic Air Force on the global stage.

Major Palamidas has a distinguished career, previously demonstrating exceptional skill while serving as an F-4 Phantom fighter pilot in Greece. His actions during the T-38 incident solidified his reputation as an exemplary pilot and a testament to international aviation safety.

By preventing a potential disaster, Major Palamidas not only ensured the safety of his crew and aircraft but also inspired fellow aviators and left a lasting mark on the aviation community. His story embodies the values of courage and selfless service.…Read more by


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