Lia Maivia Confirmed for WWE Hall, Wyatt Pending

4 months ago

The WWE Hall of Fame represents the pinnacle of wrestling achievement, gathering the sport’s elite under one roof to finalize the induction class of the year. According to the latest report from “The Wrestling Observer,” additional esteemed figures are set to join the celebration on April 6, 2019, in Philadelphia, PA, expanding the roster of honorees whose careers have left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling.

This annual event not only commemorates their extraordinary contributions but also cements their legacies within the hallowed halls of wrestling history. Wrestling promotion matriarch Lia Maivia has also made it into the list of inductees.

News that she was to be inducted came first through WWE, wrapping up a list that reads Lou Thesz, Mike Tyson, Thunderbolt Patterson, Paul Heyman, amongst others. Although most of those names on the list have been floating around on the Internet over the past few weeks, The Observer story has yet to confirm the induction of Wyatt.

Wyatt, the son of Mike Rotunda and nephew of Barry Windham, died at the age of 36 earlier this year.

That is because this year’s WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony will be the first not officially to be headed under Vince McMahon, long-standing CEO and owner of the WWE.

And, given The Rock’s newfound experience on the Board of TKO Group Holdings, this year’s proceedings in 2022 should be all the more interesting. Johnson’s new role and his familial connection to one of this year’s inductees highlight his influence on the ceremony.

Scheduled for April 5, following “WWE SmackDown,” the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is poised to honor a blend of wrestling’s finest legends and dynamic newcomers poised to shape the future of the franchise. Amid widespread excitement from WWE enthusiasts, this event will offer a well-deserved spotlight to some of wrestling’s most formidable and revered figures, underlining their indelible impact on the sport and its fanbase.

This occasion not only celebrates their contributions but also serves as a bridge connecting generations of wrestling talent.…Read more by Atia Mukhtar


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