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Korea is a trendsetting nation in every sense of the phrase. For instance, Korea is known for its nearly unmatched food culture and it seems that a new food item is released or trending every other day.

Would you try mint-chocolate-flavored fried chicken? Are you curious about the endless varieties of croffle that seem to be available in Korea? These are some of the food trends that took precedent in Korea in recent years. As we’ve said, however, the food trends in Korea are always changing. As such, we’ve decided to look at some of the most recent ones.

In case you missed it, we’ve listed some of the foods that went viral in Korea in 2023 and were endorsed by some of your favorite celebrities.

Tanghuru (탕후루 in Korean) is a Chinese traditional snack that has taken Korea by storm. The snack, which is made from fruits covered in a sugar coating, can be found at almost every corner of the city. Some of the fruits used to make tanghuru include grapes, cherry tomatoes, tangerines, strawberries, pineapples, kiwiㄴ, etc.

K-Celebs have been showing their love for this snack throughout the year as it has gained popularity. It has become trendy content to show yourself eating tanghuru for the first time, 새ㅐ.

For example, when Chuu tried tanghuru for the first time, she explained how she had never eaten it before because of how unhealthy it looked but ended up saying it was delicious.

Recently, model Han HyeJin also went viral for her reaction to the super sweet treat considering that she’s a health fanatic. Despite not usually eating sweet things, even Han HyeJin was surprised at how much she enjoyed this treat.

Even BLACKPINK’s JiSoo and Jennie are known for loving the snack and making it at home. In this video, the duo expertly speak about how important the sugar ratio of good tanghuru is. This video was taken 3 years ago, before tanghuru became extremely popular. Trust the trendsetting icons to be ahead of the trend!

Yakgwa (약과 in Korean) is a Korean traditional dessert in the form of a honey cookie. It has a coated sweet exterior and a warm slightly gooey texture on the inside that tastes like honey delight.

2AM’s Jo Kwon did a detailed review of the different kinds of yakgwa treats that are available at the moment. This includes the original yakgwa, financiers, cookies, pretzels, cake, and more. He truly showed how delectable the dessert is with some honest and entertaining commentary. Jo Kwon’s video also highlighted how the yakgwa trend spread as the traditional dessert took on numerous modern adaptations. These days one can even find yakgwa ice cream at the convenience store!

Sogeum bbang (소금빵 in Korean) is literally translated to ‘salt bread’ and is a combination of different bread styles to create a salted butter roll. It has been all the rage with different versions of the bread being sold all over Korea.

In an episode of “I Live Alone”, famous golfer Park SeRi ventured to a popular bakery in the Seongsu neighborhood of Seoul in search of sogeum bbang. Unfortunately, the hot item was already sold out. This only shows how popular this pastry is.

Other K-Celebs have also shown their love for their bread, posting it on their social media feeds. For example, DAVICHI’s Kang MinKyung has posted several times on her Instagram (both on her Instastories and her feed) about the bread. She even took to her Instastory, sharing a photo of sogeum bbang and asking why there are so many delicious things to eat in this world. Well, that’s a question that we’re all asking ourselves!

Last but not least, we have mara tteokbokki. If rosé tteokbokki and maratang were the food trends in Korea in 2022… 2023 is all about mara tteokbokki which combines the classic tteokbokki with mara sauce. Mara sauce gives off a spicy but slightly tangy and flavorsome taste. This tteokbokki combines the mara sauce with the usual offerings that go into a maratang such as meat, tofu ingredients like noodles, and more.

OH MY GIRL’s Mimi ate mara tteokbokki on her famous mukbang channel quite recently. Despite the dish being super spicy, Mimi kept emphasizing how tasty the dish was. It’s no wonder that it has become so popular, especially among fans of spicy foods.

Would you try any of the foods that we mentioned? Let us know which one you’d try out in the comments!…Read more by Dyllan Mykel


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