Amorim’s Latest Update: Release Clause, Playing Style, and Liverpool’s Stance

4 months ago

Portuguese manager Ruben Amorim has emerged as the leading candidate to be the new Liverpool manager, following Xabi Alonso’s decision to stay at Bayer Leverkusen. However, his current club, Sporting, will demand a large fee for his departure.

Liverpool’s search for a new manager has narrowed down to two key names on the shortlist: Amorim and Brighton’s Roberto De Zerbi. Currently, the shouts for Amorim continue to grow louder as he leads Sporting to the top of the Primeira Liga.

It has been reported that Liverpool would need to pay a ‘world-record fee’ of around £25 million to secure Amorim’s services. However, there are conflicting reports suggesting that his release clause may be lower, at £17 million. Either way, it is a significant amount for a manager who has not yet reached the elite level. If Liverpool decides to pursue Amorim, it would indicate a strong belief in his potential.

Amorim’s inclusion on Liverpool’s shortlist is justified by his impressive man-management skills and style of play. The 39-year-old manager has scored highly in Liverpool’s data tests, with his strategic intelligence, tactical command rating, and shot creation ratio ranking higher than Jurgen Klopp’s. It is worth noting that these assessments take into account the fact that Amorim operates in a less competitive league than Klopp.

Tactically astute, Amorim favors a back three and plays an attacking brand of football. His proactive style has received praise from experts and journalists alike. He is known for his intense off-the-ball approach and has a track record of developing young players. These attributes align well with what Liverpool looks for in a manager, and if the owners, FSG, believe he is the right fit, they will hope to strike a deal with Sporting.

Amorim’s success at Sporting cannot be overstated. Portuguese football journalist Tom Kundert has described him as a “miracle worker” and praised the impact he has had on the team. Sporting’s defensive solidity is also worth noting, with a +50 goal difference this season, 11 better than second-placed Benfica.

In conclusion, Ruben Amorim has emerged as the frontrunner to become the new Liverpool manager. Despite the large fee that Sporting demands, Liverpool’s interest in Amorim indicates a strong belief in his potential. His impressive man-management skills, tactical astuteness, and proactive style of play align well with Liverpool’s requirements. If a deal can be reached, Amorim could be the ideal candidate to succeed Jurgen Klopp and lead Liverpool to further success.…Read more by News Disk


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