France expects China to send very clear messages to Russia over war in Ukraine – Foreign Minister Sejourne

4 months ago

French Foreign Minister Stéphane Sejourne said he expected China to send very clear signals to Russia over the war in Ukraine.

This was reported by Censor.NET citing Le Dauphine.

“We expect China to send very clear messages to Russia. Obviously, China plays a key role in ensuring Ukraine’s independence and respect for international law, including its sovereignty,” the minister explained.

It is noted that the Western community regularly calls on China to play a more active role in the conflict, using its influence on Russia.

“This war concerns the entire international community,” Sejourne said.

“We are convinced that there will be no lasting peace unless it is agreed upon with the Ukrainians. Therefore, this is a very important issue for us, and that is why France intends to maintain a close dialogue with China,” the French Foreign Minister added.

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