Over 5000 Indian nationals held captive in Cambodia, being forced into online scams; 250 Rescued

4 months ago

New Delhi: Responding to worrying reports of Indian nationals being implicated in cyber fraud schemes in Cambodia, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), underscoring India’s commitment to combating international fraud and ensuring the safety of its citizens abroad, has arrested about 250 individuals. They has been successfully sent back to India. The initiative comes amid revelations that more than 5,000 Indians may be trapped in such illegal activities in the Southeast Asian country, with people in India being defrauded to the tune of nearly Rs 500 crore in the last six months.

The Indian Embassy in Cambodia, in close collaboration with local Cambodian authorities, has been at the forefront of addressing complaints from Indians deceived by job offers that turned out to be cyber fraud traps. Through these concerted efforts, a significant number of Indians have been rescued and repatriated, with 75 of these rescues occurring in the last three months alone. The MEA has issued multiple advisories to Indian citizens, cautioning them about such scams, highlighting the government’s proactive stance against these fraudulent schemes.

The campaign to free Indian citizens from these scams has faced several challenges, including the reluctance of victims to file formal complaints upon returning to India. This hesitation hinders the ability of Indian authorities to prosecute agents and companies involved in these schemes.

Recognizing this, Indian authorities are intensifying their efforts to encourage repatriated individuals to come forward and assist in cracking down on these cyber fraud networks, thereby preventing future incidents of this nature.

As India continues to work closely with Cambodian authorities to end these fraudulent actions, the focus remains on rescuing the remaining Indian nationals stranded in Cambodia. The collaborative international effort underscores the importance of global cooperation in fighting cybercrime and protecting citizens from exploitation abroad. This incident is a reminder of the dangers of fake employment schemes and the need for vigilance among job seekers when considering opportunities in foreign lands.…Read more by Ruchi Upadhyay


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