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4 months ago

Flowers and Sparkling Wine are two gifts that would be welcomed by most throughout the year, but how many of you have noticed the floral characters that a Sparkling Wine can deliver, with an aroma like you’ve just walked into a florist and flavours like you’ve just tasted the Irises or Sunflowers from Vincent van Gogh’s paintings, the world of Flowers and Sparkling Wine can easily be both enjoyed as one.

The Glass of Bubbly 2023 Awards brought to light some fantastic Spring Fling Sparkling Wines, with the Trophy being taken home by a Slovenian Sparkling Wine Producer, Zidanca Slovenec – Penina Slovenec.

The Spring Fling category was created to highlight to the consumer that the Sparkling Wines in this character display those amazing floral and blossom characters.

Spring Fling

A floral driven wine that expresses flowers from cherry blossom to rose petals. Imagine yourself walking in to your local florist.

To really experience the wonders of this category, you would need to try one of our Spring Fling winners for yourself, but where do you start?

You can discover so much on the floral side of sparkling wines with Glass of Bubbly’s Spring Fling in Prosecco or a deeper look into the Spring Fling Levels in Sparkling Wines, but for something a little more creative, Glass of Bubbly’s In Spring We Rise Cocktail will be a perfect fit.…Read more by


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