GMC Hummer EV Omega Edition Package Won’t Return For 2025 Model Year

3 months ago

Among other significant upcoming changes, the Omega Edition package (RPO code WFP) that was offered on the 2024 GMC Hummer EV for both its Hummer EV Pickup and Hummer EV SUV configurations will no longer be available on either variant of the 2025 model year.

One of the standout features of the Hummer EV Omega Edition is its exclusive Neptune Blue Matte exterior color (paint code GLG), which is one of three colors being dropped for 2025, along with Afterburner Tintcoat (GC5) and Supernova Metallic (GKK).

The Omega Edition package was available only for the 3X trim level and was highlighted in a GM Authority Live Photo Gallery late last year. 2024 Omega Edition vehicles are priced at $149,995 for the Omega Edition Pickup and $139,995 for the Omega Edition SUV, respectively. This special edition gets the following standard content:

The Extreme Off-Road Package (RPO code Z6X) is ordinarily priced at $9,995 but is included as part of the Omega Edition. It adds locking differentials, skid plates, rocker protectors, underbody cameras, LT305/70R18 Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires, and other rugged cross-country elements to the vehicle.

In addition to losing the Omega Edition, the 2025 GMC Hummer EV will not have 2 trim level, either. The entry-level trim was supposed to offer a two-motor AWD configuration similar to the 2X but with a lower price, a smaller battery, and a shorter list of standard equipment. Now, however, it appears the 2025 model year will feature only two trim levels, the 2X and 3X trims.

The 2025 GMC Hummer EV will carry forward the 2024 model year in most regards. The GM BT1 platform will continue to provide the underpinnings, while motivation is supplied by two or three GM Ultium Drive motors depending on trim level, with GM Ultium battery technology storing the energy needed to operate them.

The GM Factory Zero plant (previously known as the GM Detroit-Hamtramck plant) in Michigan produces both body styles of all-electric Hummer.

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