PTE DAY 2: Airbus launches digital collaborative turnaround platform

3 months ago

Airbus Public Safety and Security has launched Agnet Turnaround – a smart and secure collaborative platform to address the complexities of ground operations – at Passenger Terminal Expo 2024 in Frankfurt.

According to Airbus, at the core of Agnet Turnaround is the ability to reach the right individuals while simultaneously monitoring real-time operations and enhancing time performance. The company also asserted that beyond fostering real-time situational awareness of workflows, automation plays a key role in augmenting ground operational productivity through automatic group creation, alerts and the assignment of relevant human resources.

Agnet Turnaround ensures not only the safety of operations but also contributes to the overall efficiency of airport turnaround processes by improving punctuality, reducing environmental impact, increasing air traffic capacity, and decreasing the cost of operations.

Eric Davalo, head of strategic development at Airbus public safety and security, commented, “With this launch Airbus reaches a new milestone. [Drawing on] the company’s long-standing experience in secure communications it enables stakeholders within the airport industry to meet the challenges of operational efficiencies and collective performance. This solution is opening doors to automation.”

To find out more about Airbus’ products, visit Booth A8.

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