America needs stronger laws [letter]

3 months ago

Every day, there are deadly shootings and vehicle accidents involving drivers who are under the influence. A Lebanon County man was recently charged with causing his mother’s death when he drove while allegedly under the influence of marijuana. I’m sure there are many such cases.

Now, some of our elected representatives want to legalize recreational marijuana. What’s next? Heroin? Cocaine? Do we really need the tax revenue that would come from this? I think human lives outweigh a few extra dollars.

And some want there to be little to no legal consequence for those caught with small amounts of marijuana. Why? If the laws were a little harsher, people might think twice before shooting a gun, drinking, or taking drugs and then driving.

Isn’t it bad enough that some young people are getting addicted to cigarettes, electronic cigarettes or vaping? Something must be done and it shouldn’t be just a slap on the wrist and a fine.

But who am I? I guess just an older adult who doesn’t understand what is happening to the younger generation and our country.…Read more by


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