What is “floor time,” a trend that has gone viral on TikTok?

2 months ago

Young people film themselves lying on the floor and explain why they feel good on the floor

“Every time I randomly lie down on the floor, I remind myself that this is some kind of therapy,” writes TIkTok user claire_cumberland. The young woman appears lying on the floor, next to a white carpet.

The publication resembles that of the social network user who calls himself minzzzkhan. He says he dedicates part of the day to lying on the floor. “My problem is that I need ‘floor time’ every day to survive, especially when I go back somewhere, I need time to myself, especially on the floor,” he writes. The comments on the post are full of reports from people who feel the same need.

The practice has earned the name “floor time” (or in the English translation, “floor time”). It means that moment when someone wants to lie down on the ground for various reasons, such as tiredness, depression, stress or even seeking reflection and creativity.

Experts say that one of the reasons for the pleasant sensation that the vast majority describe is related to muscle tension, according to a report in the New York Times. When we lie on the floor, we are forced to release our muscles so that our body adapts to the floor. This already leaves us in a more relaxed state.

Furthermore, according to Bustle, lying on the floor helps normalize breathing and lower the heart rate. And there are still those who love to lie on the floor to literally look at a situation from another angle – usually away from their cell phone, to hone their creativity.

Lying on the floor to relax is nothing new

But it’s nothing new for people to lie down on the floor looking for comfort or some kind of inspiration. In Yoga, for example, there is a position called Savasana, in which the person lies on the ground, as if he were a corpse. Known as one of the best poses for relaxation, Savasana takes place at the end of the practice and aims to relax the body and mind.…Read more by Ben


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