I used to breastfeed my hubby to help with the flow – I’m gutted we’ve stopped

3 months ago

A COUPLE who bonded through breastfeeding have been left devastated after her body stopped producing milk.

Rachel Bailey, 31, and her husband, Alexander, 30, revealed that they even considered having a fourth child so that she could breastfeed him again.

The pair, who previously hit headlines for their unique bonding method, say they had to grieve the end of their breastfeeding experience after their youngest son was no longer interested and she stopped producing breast milk.

Rachel said: “I was breastfeeding both my son and my husband, and then one day my son was just no longer interested in my breast milk at all.

“I continued feeding Alexander for about two weeks, but it was like my body knew that my son no longer needed the milk and it was all gone.

“We grieved that bonding experience that we shared, and we even spoke about having one more baby so that we could do it again.

“However, we realised that was drastic action to take and a lot of work, so instead we began looking for other ways that we could bond as a couple.”

Rachel first breastfed her husband in 2017 and the couple were instantly hooked.

While it started as a way of Alexander helping out his wife when she was over-lactating while nursing their kids, the pair found it to be an amazing bonding experience that they believe has made their marriage stronger than ever.

However, Rachel always made sure that her babies were fed first before Alexander finished the remaining milk.

“When my middle child, Aria, now six, was breastfeeding, I went away on a cruise with Alexander,” she previously explained.

“However, I forgot my breast pump and was badly engorged for two days.”

Rachel remember feeling in a lot of pain and scared about getting an infection, so the couple decided that Alexander would try drinking the milk to relieve her.

“We were nervous about the idea of him breastfeeding from me but as soon as we did it, we realised it was perfectly fine,” she said.

“Alexander said that the milk was really different to how he expected it to taste, compared to the normal milk he is used to drinking.

“We realised there was nothing wrong with me breastfeeding him, and it would actually be good for him as it is so nutritious.

“He didn’t get a cold for two years after he started drinking my milk and so many people said his skin was so much better too.

“He ended up loving the taste of my breast milk and even prefers it to cow’s milk now.”

Since speaking out about how she breastfeeds her husband after her baby boy was fed, Rachel says she was inundated with odd requests.

Rachel added: “I still have people asking me every day if they can buy my breastmilk.

“I have even had people asking if they can meet up with me so that I can breastfeed them too.

“We had lots of requests from people asking us to make videos of ourselves breastfeeding, but we never considered it although I’m sure the money would have been nice.

“It was never a sexual thing for us.

“We did it because it was an amazing way for us to bond and share something special as a couple.”

While the couple see nothing weird in their unusual hobby, that hasn’t stopped them from becoming the target of cruel trolls.

“Since we shared our story, people will randomly come across it and we will suddenly receive lots of trolling and hateful comments,” Rachel says.

“We don’t let it bother us at all.

“We have never had anyone be hateful or cruel to us in person, it’s only online.

“When people see us in person, they’re usually really nice and understanding about it which is the main thing.”

Rachel and Alexander are now finding new ways to bond with each other.

“We really miss the breastfeeding times that we shared, but we have found new ways to connect,” she says.

“We get up each morning at 5am before the craziness of the day begins and enjoy the calmness of the early morning.

“We also started some business ventures together so that has been a new fun way for us to bond.”…Read more by Martha Cliff


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