Sony’s Pocket AC will give you relief from summer heat, this small AC can be installed even in the shirt collar

2 months ago

All the air conditioners we have seen till now are very heavy in weight and can be installed only in one place. One cannot travel anywhere with AC frequently. But, now such an AC has also come with which you can travel anywhere. Not only this, you can also keep this small AC in your pocket and get relief from the heat by setting it on the collar of your shirt. The giant company Sony has prepared an AC whose size is smaller than a smartphone and you can travel with it anytime, anywhere.

Sony has not given Reon Pocket to its portable AC. The special thing about this AC is that it can be easily fitted inside any clothes. If you keep coming out a lot during the summer season, then this pocket AC from Sony is going to help you in avoiding the scorching heat.

summer will be over

Let us tell you that Sony’s Reon Pocket 5 is a wearable device. You can easily set it on the back of your shirt or T-shirt. The purpose of this climate control device from Sony is to provide comfort to the users while traveling. This pocket AC from Sony comes with a thermo module behind which some sensors related to temperature, humidity and motion are provided.

Cool features will be available in Sony Reon Pocket 5

Sony Reon Pocket 5 is a device supporting both cooling and heating. Because of this, it can be used in both summer and winter seasons. In Reon Pocket 5 AC, the company has given five cooling levels and four warming levels. You can easily pair this Chotu AC with the Reoin Pocket app, after which you will be able to change its settings from your phone itself. In this, Sony has also given the feature of auto start and stop.

Pocket AC will be available for this much rupees

Let us tell you that Sony Reon Pocket 5 is the fifth variant of the wearable. You can buy it from Sony’s official website. To buy Sony Reon Pocket 5, you will have to spend around Rs 9,000. The company has currently made it available only in the markets of Japan and Hong Kong. At present, the company has not confirmed when this device will arrive in the Asian market.

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