The third season of PBS Kids Show Almas Way Renewed is in its late stages

2 months ago

Alma’s pursuits will persist at PBS Kids! The animated show ‘Alma’s Way’ is now back for its third season, and voice work is already underway. The recording will be conducted at Hyperbolic Studios in New York City in July. The show was created by Sonia Manzano, with contributions from directors Dave Barton Thomas and Shawn Seles.

In season two, Alma, following in the footsteps of Justice Sonia Sotomayor, assists her friends in determining fairness, takes on the role of umpire at a kickball game according to Sotomayor’s advice, and solves Beto’s mystery about losing his piata. She and Eddie launch a food business with a mofongo truck, but run out of time to prepare their signature dish. Alma then challenges André to stage scooter races to prove her speed and getsINDUSTUSTUSTATE André a new flavor named after

Alma’s enjoyment of the second part increases as she plays balloon animals, André is frustrated with her inability to concentrate on a dance and junior is troubled by his inability to learn English. She also collaborates with Harper to manage a lemonade stand and helps Howard find a drum for the neighborhood drum circle.

New episodes of ‘Alma’s Way’ are set to bring back many of Alma’s adventures in her vibrant home town of the Bronx. The series will continue to celebrate the diversity and diversity of New York’s identity and culture, exploring the adventures and memories of her Latinx neighbor, aunt, uncle, and friend in New York City.

While official confirmation is being held, we anticipate that the majority of the primary voice-cast members will continue to lend their voices to their characters in the third season. These returning casts may include Annie Henk, Jess E. Martinez, Sandra Gutierrez, Mary Shelley, Helen Keller, Anne Landry, Ruth Lightfoot, Joel Barber, Mary Lillian Anderson, Joe DiMaggio, Jerry Nicholson, Melody Brown, Larry King, and Teresa Serrano.…Read more by Sam Friedberg


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