Apple WWDC 2024 live blog: AI, iOS 18, iPadOS 18, Siri 2.0 and all the big news

1 month ago

From the rumors we’ve heard, WWDC 2024 should have a packed agenda, though it’s unlikely we’ll hear about any new hardware during the keynote, despite suggestions that a new Apple TV set-top box could be announced. Instead, Apple is expected to spend the keynote detailing this year’s software updates in general, and the role AI will play in particular.

Here’s what we’ve heard about today’s likely Apple software previews. Keep in mind that Apple will likely released developer versions of this software during WWDC this week. Public betas usually follow by July, with the full versions expected by the fall. At least, that’s how Apple has handed things in the past.

iOS 18: Apple’s phone software should be the biggest beneficiary of the focus on AI, with summary tools and generative photo editing features coming to your iPhone. We’ve heard that you’ll need an iPhone 15 Pro or later to support AI capabilities, though it’s unclear if that means on-device AI or anything related to the AI features Apple plans on discussing.

Beyond AI, the iOS 18 update figures to introduce a new interface where you can place apps anywhere you want on the home screen. The Control Center and Settings app should get new looks, too, and we’re hearing about a bunch of possible additions to existing apps like tighter Calendar/Reminders integration and customized routes in Maps. Apple could introduce a password manager of its own, too.

iPadOS 18: If it’s happening in iOS 18, it’s also expected for iPadOS 18, the software update that figures to bring AI capabilities to Apple’s tablet. In addition, iPad users should finally have a built-in calculator app to call their own. Features tied to the rumored Apple Pencil 3 could also be aa part of the new iPad software, though that may not be apparent until the stylus actually ships, meaning we could be waiting until the fall before we learn more about the rumored “squeeze” feature that would trigger the device’s eraser.

macOS 15: Like iOS 18, macOS 15 figures to lean into AI, with many of the features Apple talks about also slated for Macs with an M1 chipset. Rumored changes include a revamp of System Settings and the same Siri overhaul that’s taking place for the iPhone. Calculator, Notes, Safari and Voice Memos are all in line to see updates, mostly with AI-focused features.

watchOS 11: Rumors about the next version of Apple’s smartwatch software have been pretty rare headed into WWDC. But reports point to changes to the Siri interface and the Fitness app.

tvOS 18 and visionOS 2.0: We’re also expecting to hear about new versions of tvOS, the software that runs Apple TV devices, and visionOS, the Vision Pro headset’s software. That latter update will likely cover Vision Pro versions of iPad apps while introducing new environments. In other words, don’t expect a major overhaul to the Vision Pro software this time around.…Read more by Philip Michaels


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