Old Pemco lots eyed for housing

1 month ago

SEATTLE — When Pemco sold its longtime home in 2015 to Unico Properties and Laird Norton Properties, in a nearly $52 million deal, two small satellite parking lots were an afterthought. Unico didn’t want them, so the insurance company kept them. People still parked there, at 401 and 411 Eastlake Ave. E. as that area of South Lake Union changed dramatically. (One renovated Pemco building became the Amazon-leased Atlas; and the new Cascadian building was constructed immediately north of that.)

But the orphaned lots, each with 7,200 square feet, were mostly forgotten. Cushman & Wakefield has had them listed for some time now, and the south corner lot — at Harrison Street — recently attracted the attention of Green Canopy Node.…Read more by


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