The Samsung curved monitor you dreamed of, now for 60 euros less

4 weeks ago

Among the many hardware components that are part of our computer, perhaps the monitor that we connect to it is one of the most important. During a good part of the hours we spend working with the PC, we do not take it out of sight, which is why we must take care of its purchase.

Basically, this means that we should use a little more of our budget when purchasing the computer elements, in this particular one. Having a good screen on your computer is something that we will be grateful for in most cases in the long term, in addition to take care of our eyesight. Hence precisely, below we are going to talk to you about an interesting offer about a monitor that will serve both for working and playing in the best way. In reality, we are referring to a curved monitor from the prestigious company Samsung with a significant discount right now on Amazon. To give you a more approximate idea, say that specifically we find a screen with a 32 inch size. At the same time, it is important to know that we can use it with a native maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 points and a refresh rate of 165 Hz. It should be noted that many users use this format for their monitors if they are going to use the computer to work, but also to play.

Hence, in this specific model we must keep in mind that it offers us a response time of 1 ms, perfect for this type of leisure-related tasks. Regarding its price, surely many of you will be interested to know that right now you will be able to save a total of 60 euros thanks to the 20% discount on its usual price. Improve your memory with method 123: an effective technique to remember everything you have studied In this way we will have the possibility of receiving this product at home from Amazon. hardware component for a price of only 239 euros. Without a doubt, this monitor will be an important part of our setup. On the other hand, we also have the possibility of taking advantage of the 80 euros of savings from this other curved monitor to play and work. In this case we are talking about the HP OMEN 34c that offers us a 34-inch panel. Likewise, it is significant to know that it supports a maximum resolution of 3440 x 1440 points at 165 Hz frequency. It is completely adjustable in terms of height and inclination, and many of you will be interested in knowing what includes its own speakers. As for its price, say that right now they have an 18% discount and we can receive it at home for only 369 euros. This will allow us to save 80 euros on its usual price, which many of you will surely appreciate. Furthermore, we must keep in mind that both models mentioned in these lines are perfect both for everyday use with the computer, and when we want to take advantage of the latest games on the market. Thanks to its design and internal specifications, we find two perfect monitors for all types of tasks, both related to the professional sector and the world of leisure.…Read more by Adrian Miles


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