No Kazakh national died during 2024 Hajj season in Mecca

1 month ago

A total of 703 pilgrims from Kazakhstan sought medical care from June 14 to 16, according to Ardak Aitbaiuly, head of the team of doctors of the SAMK Hajj Mission, said.

Of them, 120 patients have undergone medical examination two or more times for heart, blood vessels, upper and lower respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, as well as other (callus, trauma, allergies, conjunctivitis, etc.) diseases.

On June 15, in Muzdalifah, a national of Kazakhstan was rendered emergency assistance for a high pressure. He was brought to a hotel under a doctor’s supervision.

Another Kazakh national was provided with emergency care for transient ischemia and was hospitalized.

Health authorities also informed about health problems of a female pilgrim with hypoglycemia.

The condition of all patients is reported as stable. There are four doctors in Kazakhstan’s Hajj mission team. The pilgrims are also accompanied by a doctor from each of 16 tour operators. A total of 20 qualified medical workers helped the Kazakh pilgrims during the Hajj this year.…Read more by


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