Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation has awarded a $250,000 Innovation Grant from the Bachrach Family Foundation

3 weeks ago

Cyndi Edwards with IJNN, “The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation can’t achieve its mission to improve lives and find a cure without funding. That’s where the Bachrach Family Foundation comes in. They have just awarded a $250,000 grant to Doctor Katie Kelly and Doctor Tim Gretton. Ed Bachrach, and his daughter Kris High join us now.”

“Now, Kris, I want to start with you. What is it about this particular research selected for the award that was so inspiring to you?”

Question directed to Kris High, “So, we have a personal connection to this innovation grant. My husband was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma 19 months ago. And we’ve been on a long journey, , for his treatment, including, , chemotherapy and immunotherapy. And so overcoming resistance to immunotherapy is something that is near and dear and very personal to us. My husband had treatment earlier this week, and so, the mission driven goals of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation to not only support me as a caregiver, my husband as a patient, but also to conduct research is the greatest hope that we have for positive outcomes. So, I feel like there’s a lot of potential for groundbreaking discoveries, and we’re extremely hopeful. And my husband is doing really well today.”

Cyndi Edwards with IJNN, “I’m so happy to hear that.”

Question directed to Ed Bachrach, “What led you to want to support this kind of project?”

“Well, I’ve been supporting medical and scientific research for several years now, but when something like this hits home, , I decided that I needed to do something. I was attracted to the cholangiocarcinoma foundation for two reasons. Number one, they do not only, , thorough research, but they also provide patient care, which is unusual in an organization like this. More importantly, I didn’t have to select the grantees. I gave them a blanket grant, and then they were the ones that did the competition and selected the grantees. So, , I feel like it’s a superior scientific oversight.”

Cyndi Edwards with IJNN, “And what are you hoping will be achieved through this grant?”

Ed Bachrach, “Two things. Number one, specifically, I hope to learn a lot more about resistance to immunotherapy. But more importantly, I hope we can inspire other researchers from around the world to focus more on this disease.”

Cyndi Edwards with IJNN. “All right. Ed Bacharach and Kris High, thank you both very much. And, Khris, we wish the very best for your husband. Thank you both. And thank you as well for tuning in. We’ll see you again next time. Thank you.

Cyndi Edwards is an independent journalist contributing to the Independent Journalist News Network.


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