Snowflake Cookie Cutters—and More Clever Items to Simply Your Life

6 months ago

We’re all juggling a lot during the holiday season, so we’ve gathered up some items to help you hold it all together. A headband with a hidden pocket can hold keys and cash while you’re out and about. A magnetic belt holder can help you get those last minute projects done without dropping the ball (or a nail), and a charger lock keeps your cords right where you left them. Find all these helpful products and more, right here.

Phone chargers are a hot commodity, so sometimes they’re “borrowed” without your knowledge. If you have a charger that you always keep in the same place (maybe one at your work desk or your home entryway) this clever plastic gadget will keep it stationary. It snaps onto your charging block then screws into your outlet cover to make unplugging it a major chore for future thieves.

It’s an age-old question: Did the cat ever move from the couch today or did he just remain there for all eight hours you were out? A pet camera can tell you the answer, but this camera is also made especially for kitties. It rotates 360 degrees, shoots out little treats via the app, and has a cute feather toy hanging off the top for added fun.

It’s cookie swap season, so it’s time to get out your favorite cutters. Need to refresh your stash? This giant cutter produces 19 snowflake shapes with one press. Just roll out your dough, lay this template on top, and push down for a full flurry of shapes ready to bake and decorate.

Looking for something in the back of a drawer can be like diving into a black hole. This side table fixes that problem with five drawers that open up completely. Each layer can pivot at an angle so you can truly see every inch of your stash without any blockage.

Some leggings don’t have pockets (or enough pockets) and for those times, you need somewhere else to stash your credit card and key when you’re out for a run. Enter: This headband! It’s made of spandex and nylon and has a tiny zippered pocket to hide a few small essentials while you’re out and about.

DIY projects without a handy helper can be tricky, but this magnetic belt accessory serves as a makeshift assistant. The strong magnet can hold your hammer, screwdriver, or nails, so you don’t need a hand off (or have to try juggling all of your tools) while climbing up a ladder to hang your newest gallery wall addition. It’s like having a third hand!…Read more by Erica Finamore


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