Lies of P: Should You Kill Sophia

6 months ago

In addition to deadly monsters and puppets, players also encounter many NPCs as they progress through Lies of P, each with their own reasons for helping P or hindering his journey. Sophia is one of the NPCs that players will meet in the ruined city of Krat. She proves herself to be one of Pinocchio’s strongest allies throughout the Lies of P gameplay as she helps him get stronger by leveling up.

For most of the story, Sophia appears genuinely committed to helping P without any hidden motives, but as the game nears the end, they come to realize that she wants something more. When players enter the game’s final dungeon, the Isle of Alchemists, they encounter Sophia in a different form. Here they learn that Sophia was tortured by the work of Alchemists and wants peace through death. This is where players face the choice of killing Sophia or letting her live.

Let’s look at the first scenario. If players let Sophia live, things remain unchanged for P for the most part. Sophia is already super weak, and after P’s choice to let her live, she simply disappears. There is no way to know what happened to her. However, she does continue to help him from beyond. Pinocchio’s humanity also remains unaffected, and the game advances towards a more neutral ending.

If players decide to give her peace, Sophia’s Ergo leaves her body and settles into P with a soft blue glow. Killing Sophia to give her peace shows an understanding of the pain she was going through, and the attempt to free her from her torment is a very human thing to do. Therefore, choosing this decision increases P’s humanity. Expectedly then, players will notice more human characteristics in P after this. Killing Sophia to give her peace also rewards players with the “Shadow Flower” record and the Entreat emote.

If players choose not to kill Sophia, they do not lose anything, but they gain nothing either. Sophia continues to help P from the beyond, although no one can really tell what becomes of her. On the other hand, giving Sophia peace is the right choice. To put her out of her misery is a kind, human decision.

Even if it wasn’t a question of doing the right thing and players only care about the practical aspects, giving Sophia peace is still the right decision. When Ergo leaves Sophia and begins residing in P’s body, their humanity index increases. Also, they get the Entreat emote and Shadow flower record. Apart from that, as the player’s humanity increases, they get on the track to uncovering the right, happy ending.…Read more by Umama Ali


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