US Army receives 500 km range PrSM high-precision strike missiles

6 months ago

Lockheed Martin provided the US Army with the first PrSM high-precision strike missiles, enabling accurate firing at long ranges.

“Through close collaboration between the U.S. Army and Lockheed Martin, we have accelerated the PrSM development program to deliver this next-generation missile faster than planned,” said Jay Price, vice president of Lockheed Martin Precision Fires.

Deliveries of PrSM missiles will also increase as Lockheed Martin increases production capacity and produces additional EOC missiles to fulfill existing contracts that support the Army’s modernization priorities.

PrSM is the US Army’s next generation high-precision strike missile and can hit targets at a distance of 500 kilometers. The new surface-to-surface weapon has an open system architecture that provides maximum flexibility, has a modular structure and is compatible with HIMARS and MLRS.

PrSM high-precision missiles represent progress in the field of modern military technology, especially in the field of long-range artillery. The missile was designed to replace legacy systems such as ATACMS. PrSM is designed to provide increased range and increased accuracy.

One of the key features of the PrSM is its extended flight range of over 500 km, which is a significant improvement over previous models. The increased range provides greater operational flexibility and the ability to engage deep targets near the enemy.

High accuracy is another important aspect of PRSM. The missile is equipped with advanced guidance systems, including GPS and inertial navigation systems, complemented by anti-jamming capabilities, ensuring the missile remains resilient against enemy EW. The PrSM guidance system provides precise targeting, significantly reducing the likelihood of collateral damage and increasing its effectiveness in combat scenarios.

The PrSM’s impressive performance is due to its high-explosive warhead, which can inflict serious damage on a wide range of target types, including fortified structures, air defense systems and armored vehicles. The PrSM’s versatility is further enhanced by its modular design, which allows the integration of different types of warheads depending on specific mission requirements.

PrSM is compatible with existing launch platforms. This feature allows it to be easily integrated into existing military infrastructure without the need for extensive modifications, making it a cost-effective solution for the modernization of artillery capabilities. Source…Read more by Mary


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