One Piece Chapter 1102 Spoilers & Manga Plot Leaks

6 months ago

The spoilers for the upcoming chapter 1102 of One Piece are now out. We will see more of Kuma’s life up until his memories are erased. Bonney finally finds out the truth after seeing Kuma’s memories. Here is a guide on the One Piece chapter 1102 spoilers and plot leaks.

The chapter’s plot revolves around Kuma’s life. We see his point of view from various events in the story like the Thriller Bark arc, the time when they were at the Sabaody Archipelago, the Summit War of Marineford, and more.

Kuma says something about how Luffy is the one who will save the world. But he’s too early, so he sends him away. Meanwhile, Vegapunk does not want to erase Kuma’s memories and personality. However, Kuma says he is okay with it.

Vegapunk then places Kuma’s memories inside a Paw Paw bubble, like how we saw at the Egghead Island arc. Kuma decides to leave a last message for Bonney through Vegapunk, where he greets her with a happy 10th birthday.

The flashback on Kuma’s life is done and the chapter shows Bonney crying after going through Kuma’s memories.

The information also reveals that the series will be on break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1102 will be out in the United States on Sunday, December 24, at 10:00 AM ET / 9:00 AM CT / 7:00 AM PT.

Now that the plot point about Kuma and Bonney’s backstory seems to be reaching its end, what will happen next? Since Kuma was on the Revolutionary Army’s side, it appears he’s on Luffy’s side as well. As the Egghead Island arc continues, how will the alliance of the Straw Hats with Vegapunk and Bonney go?

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