Study: Americans Expecting a Car as a Christmas Gift Want a Toyota or a Honda

5 months ago

Let’s be honest. Who hasn’t dreamed about receiving a new or slightly used car as a Christmas gift? It must have at least crossed your mind once! Imagine waking up on December 25 and finding a Porsche or a BMW in front of your home. That would most certainly be memorable! But if you’re the lucky one picking the costly gift, you might want to stay away from luxury or European auto brands. A recent study reveals that Americans don’t want high-maintenance presents. Here’s the gist of it.

Having the means to become the ultimate Santa Claus this Christmas can feel amazing if you’re the type of person who loves to spread heartfelt generosity around. But a car? Who gifts a vehicle, right? That’s the kind of friend or relative who doesn’t just do well and keeps to themselves. They invite others to partake in the joy of having more than what can be deemed enough. The amount is different for everyone. We can’t just come up with a number.But what we’re certain of is that someone who might be in need of some fresh wheels will appreciate your effort and remember how you transformed Christmas for them and improved their life by empowering their mobility.Now comes the trick part! Suppose you have the money and know someone worthy of receiving such an expensive gift this Christmas. What are you buying? The choices at your disposal are plenty, especially if you take into account used cars.Fret not; there’s a study that gives you the right ideas. And don’t you doubt your instincts! The findings show that around 44% of Americans secretly wish for a new ride or one that’s better than what they currently have. About 36% of those surveyed dream of putting someone they consider special behind the steering wheel of a nice vehicle.Heck, even paying someone’s monthly car note can be an amazing gesture!But what’s most interesting about this study is that it reveals a preference for Japanese vehicles. Toyota and Honda lead the charge. That reputation for reliability and build simplicity is working wonders for these two manufacturers.Tesla completes the podium on the third spot in the most-desired car brands to get as gifts ranking. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Lexus occupy the following three places.The study reveals even more helpful aspects of what lucky recipients of such an impressive present might want. Half said they would wish to receive an all-electric vehicle , and 39% of the respondents stated they prefer anThe data Extreme Terrain collected also uncovered that 43% of the surveyed would trust their partner with picking the right car as a gift. However, they would appreciate to be involved in choosing the right unit.A third of the respondents would trust Santa to bring them whatever vehicle he would consider fitting, while 24% want to choose the car themselves.The same research also uncovered that parents, partners (SOs), and grandparents are the ones who most commonly make such generous gifts.Finally, don’t worry if you can’t buy a car for someone you genuinely like or love. The Holidays aren’t only about material things. You don’t have to go big. You just have to go where home is. Time spent together is the gift that keeps on giving.But if you do end up buying a vehicle with the sole purpose of giving it away, make sure it won’t be a gas-guzzler, a watt-waster, or expensive to insure.…Read more by Florin Amariei


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