The release of BRS svedapatra has been postponed to tomorrow GeoTv News

5 months ago

Hyderabad: The release of BRS svedapatra has been postponed until tomorrow. The KTR will be released tomorrow morning at 11 am. In opposition to the Congressional White Paper, BRS prepared a White Paper. Cruelwhile, BRS CEO KTR said that a power point presentation will be made on behalf of Telangana Vedapatrat to reflect Telangana’s progress over nine and a half years.

He explained that the state of Telangana was built by working tirelessly day and night, and now we will not tolerate any attempt to show Telangana as a failed state. He said he will give a power point presentation on ‘Svedapatra’ at Telangana Bhavan at 11 am on Saturday. He said on Twitter that Telangana, which is the leading state, should not be insulted and the true face of Telangana including statistics will be revealed.…Read more by


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