Gwen Stefani seeks comfort in dad at home as Blake Shelton seen ‘alone at bar’

5 months ago

Gwen admitted she will be spending New Year’s Eve away from Blake

FAMILY TIME Gwen Stefani seeks comfort in dad Dennis at home after husband Blake Shelton seen ‘alone’ at Nashville bar

GWEN Stefani spent some time with her parents at home amid rumors of marriage troubles with Blake Shelton.

Blake, 47, sparked concern when he was seen seemingly passed out at a bar in Nashville earlier this week.

However, the country star reunited with Gwen, 54, to celebrate Christmas with the star and their family.

The couple shared a sweet video on their Instagram pages of them cooking an Italian-inspired meal for everyone.

Gwen kicked off the clip by showing off their customized gingerbread houses with everyone’s names on the roof.

She panned over to the table, which was set with silver reindeer ornaments and green and gold mistle-toe print plates.

Gwen then filmed her rarely-seen dad Dennis, who was sitting in a chair wearing a T-shirt and flannel shirt.

Blake was also spotted momentarily wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a GoPro camera attached to his head.

The video then cut to the family’s cooking, showing them assembling burrata and tortellini dishes, as well as stuffed pasta shell pie.

Gwen filmed herself looking distraught while showing off the burnt top of the pie.

She said: “Everything was going right until I put it back in and it went a little dark.”

Blake stood behind her looking disappointed and shaking his head in mock disapproval.

Gwen captioned the video: “From our family 2 yours, we hope u had a very merry Christmas :).”

It comes days after Blake shared a photo of himself seemingly passed out at his bar, Ole Red, on Christmas Day.

He appeared to have had a long night filming Season 2 of his show Barmageddon.

The singer was seen wearing a Santa outfit and hat and slumped on his fake beard on the countertop.

Blake pretended to be asleep with his eyes closed and mouth slightly open, with what looked like an empty cup in front of him.

The former Voice coach shared the cheeky photo on Instagram and promoted his show’s holiday special in the caption.

“Santa’s had a long night.. watch the Barmageddon USA Holiday special tonight,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Blake and Gwen’s fans have speculated that she has been deleting posts featuring Blake from her Instagram.

Last week, the Sweet Escape singer shared a clip of herself getting ready in her dressing room.

In the comments, fans asked about the absence of Blake from her grid.

“What happened to all the videos of you and Blake?” one asked.

“I haven’t seen them either!” a second agreed.

“I haven’t seen them, I’m usually really busy and must have missed them. It seems a lot of the posts I’ve come across are older….they must be busy too, lol!!!” a third posted.

Days earlier, Gwen revealed she would be spending New Year’s Eve away from Blake.

Blake is set to perform at New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash, while Gwen will be putting on a show in Las Vegas.

“Well, it’s funny because I was going to be at his show, and then Vegas called and wanted me to be in Vegas,” she told Access Hollywood.

“Last year I did Vegas and I was like, ‘Remind me to never do Vegas again.’ [But] you sometimes want to… not be the host.

“So I was like, ‘Eh, I’m gonna do it.’ If you’re gonna be working then I’m gonna be working.

“So I’m just gonna fly in and out it’s gonna be awesome. I’m really looking forward to it.”…Read more by Ekin Karasin


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