Best 55-Inch TV for 2023: Top Features and Brands for Every Budget

5 months ago

CNET’s expert staff reviews and rates dozens of new products and services each month, building on more than a quarter century of expertise. How we test TVs

If you’re looking for a new TV in the popular 55-inch size, right now is the right time to buy. A 55-inch screen tends to be the sweet spot for smaller rooms, so to help you find the best model for your smaller living room or bedroom, we’ve rounded up the best 55-inch TVs of 2024 below.

At CNET, I review TVs side by side in a state-of-the-art testing lab, taking hundreds of measurements with specialized equipment, comparing gaming, home theater and bright-room image quality. My 20 years of experience as a TV reviewer helps me determine not just the best 55-inch TV overall, but also the best 55-inch TV in your price range.

What is the best 55-inch TV right now?

Among the models that I have tested this year, the Hisense 55U8K stands out as the best 55-inch TV for most people. It offers superb picture quality, an affordable price and a capable Google TV smart TV system. It also includes gaming features like 4K/120Hz input and variable refresh rate that can get the most out of consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. When friends ask me what mid-priced 55-inch TV to buy, I tell them to get the Hisense U8K.

In that conversation with a friend, I might also have some follow-up questions about what they want. If they’re looking for a higher-end model and can spend more, for example, or if they just want the cheapest 55-inch TV that doesn’t suck, I might have a different recommendation. I might even ask them if they would consider a larger size because my answer for the best 65-inch TV is different this year. Although the Hisense 55U8K is my current favorite 55-inch TV for most people, it might not be right for your preferences or budget.

Note that in my reviews I have typically tested the 65-inch versions of the TVs featured below, but I expect the 55-inch models here to perform nearly the same.…Read more by David Katzmaier


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