Fans reflect on life and legacy of Mike Martin after Saturday’s memorial service

4 months ago

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – Longtime Florida State baseball coach Mike Martin, Sr. passed away last week after a three year battle with Lewy Body dementia. His life and legacy was honored Saturday at a memorial service at the field he coached at for so many years.

“He was a man of character, he was a man of faith, he was a man of the fans, and he was also a great father, and a great mentor to this community,” said longtime fan Levon Miller.

Martin was a man of many things.

“He really did mean everything to the community, to Florida State and you couldn’t ask for a more perfect example to be a coach,” added Clark Brookstone.

Four decades at his Alma mater, becoming the most successful coach in college baseball, amassing 2,029 wins, but more important than the wins and losses, the trips to the College World Series, was the impact he left on those around him.

“He wasn’t above everybody, he was such an approachable person, even with all of us what I saw,” said fan Sallie Kelly, who’s been coming to games since the 1970′s. “He cared about everybody.”

“It was like I was his long lost brother,” added Brookstone. “I didn’t know him from Adam, never met him before, and you could tell he was just a genuine person the entire time.”

And that guy, who was affectionately knows as 11, was honored Saturday.

“I was actually crying, and I didn’t think I would,” said Brookstone. “I was asking people for Kleenex.”

A life well lived, and memories from those who watched him for so long that will last a lifetime.

“His awesome heart for people, and God, and all of us.”

“If you’re a person, that’s the one thing you can leave,” said Brookstone. “You don’t have to leave money, you can leave a legacy, and the legacy he leaves is all the people he’s helped a touched over the years.”

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