Neville and Keane, accusations against the Italian teams between 90 and 2000: “They won because they were doped”

4 months ago

Without ever having uttered the word doping, serious accusations continue to be made against Italian football Gary Neville and Roy Keanetwo former major champions of Manchester United By Sir Alex Ferguson

which in 1999 the Champions in an incredible final against the Bayern Monaco

, turning the match around with two goals in full stoppage time (2-1). During the podcast ‘The Overlap’, the two former teammates talked about the European comparison with the Italian teams in the decade 1990-2000. For the record, there were five Italian teams that the Reds Devils faced during those years: Fiorentina, Inter, Juventus, Lazio and Milan.

Neither of them says the word doping, but the accusations are quite serious. Neville raises some doubt: «I think there were some teams we played that weren’t clean. Once I came off the field against an Italian team, I said to myself, “I’m sorry, but something is wrong.” And I know a few other guys felt the same way I did. I can’t name names or accuse people, but when you look back, you see what happened to doctors in other sports…”.

Of course, to go beyond any discussion, evidence is needed. But Marcel did not hold back in the meantime. Like Keanecaptain of that Manchester United, who turned things up a notch: «Against some teams I exhausted myself, I came out devastated. Then I looked at the opponents, some Italian clubs, and it looked like they hadn’t even played the match.”.

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