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3 months ago

Some vehicles automatic braking systems in reversing tested. Unfortunately, the result is not as good as expected. did not come out.

Automatic braking system test in reversing conducted by AAA, It didn’t produce a very good result.. For this, the company uses four different crossovers offered for sale in 2023. The systems in the vehicles detect other vehicles approaching when exiting the parking lot backwards and brake but states that this is often not enough. test results and AAA shows the accidents that sensor systems cannot prevent in the video below.Happily, the systems in vehicles are better at detecting children. Currently, many models are not 100 percent perfect, but the vehicles tested detect children better than other vehicles approaching and It performs automatic stopping by applying higher brakes. These systems, which clearly need to be improved in the coming period, have already prevented many people from being injured, despite their shortcomings.


Volkswagen had been on the agenda before about security, It was reported that the company would add an exit warning system to its vehicles. This is especially good for protecting cyclists. it seemed. According to the statement exit warning system It will be offered as standard in many of the company’s new vehicles, and will be added as an option to some vehicles. So how exactly does this system work? The infrastructure developed by the company uses sensors in the rear bumpers of vehicles and, for example, detects a cyclist coming from behind It gives an audible and visual warning to the driver not to open the door..

It is stated that if the driver tries to open the door despite this warning, the vehicle will definitely not allow this in some models. This looks really nice because many cyclists can be seriously harmed by doors opening without looking backwards. The system, which is reported to be constantly active within three minutes after the vehicles are docked, of course provides extra protection against pedestrians and slow-moving motorcycle drivers.…Read more by earthpressnews


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