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3 months ago

NASA, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, volunteers to live in a Mars simulation for a full year. calling.

Humanity will eventually set foot on the “Red Planet” Mars. This won’t happen anytime soon, but it’s likely SpaceX New generation rocket developed by Starship Humans will be taken to Mars with Unlike the Moon, Mars will be permanent. NASA, which continues to work on exactly this issue, will live in the Mars simulation for a full (There is already a team)” He started looking for volunteers. The four new selected teams will be positioned in a 1,700 square meter living space prepared with three-dimensional printing technology in Houston during their term of office, which will begin in 2025. There will be many experiments in this living area, which you can see in the video below, Efforts will be made to predict what life on Mars will bring. In this regard, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced that it will receive applications until April 2 through the CHAPEA website. It will pay those who will participate in the process, but it is not yet announced how much will be given.. As we said, NASA has not yet been able to take humans to Mars, but it has taken a helicopter, albeit a small one. But this helicopter will not fly anymore. As officially announced, the Mars helicopter had one of its wings damaged during its last flight. Ingenuity, Therefore, he is no longer in a position to fly. It is also described as a drone due to its size. Mars helicopter Ingenuity, It was at one of the extreme points of the level we have reached in space.


The Mars helicopter examined the paths of the Mars rover Perseverance, so it could see potential dangers early by looking from above. Thus, Perseverance’s route could be changed to follow cleaner roads. Making a statement about the helicopter NASA JPL in charge of Ingenuity team leader Teddy Tzanetos, “Every time we take to the air, Ingenuity focuses on a new area and offers a perspective that no planetary mission has achieved before.” he said.…Read more by earthpressnews


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