Watch gravely injured dog an inch from death make miracle recovery

3 months ago

A stray dog who came within an inch of death has made a remarkable recovery and will soon be seeking a forever home.

When Isha first arrived at the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) in Ireland, just over four weeks ago, she had an open wound on her neck that was so deep, had it been an inch lower, she might well have died. “The wound was only a fraction away from her jugular, with only a thin layer of fascia covering her trachea,” a spokesperson for the DSPCA told Newsweek.

Much like in America, animal rescues in Ireland such as the DSPCA have witnessed a major influx of dogs being surrendered over the past 12 months. Back in May, Gillian Bird told the Irish Independent newspaper that the situation was reaching crisis point and, more concerning still, the DSPCA shelter was “very full of cases of cruelty.”

“We are unfortunately seeing a lot of cruelty cases,” Bird said. “We are seeing cases of neglect where people have not fed the animals sufficiently or they have not brought them to the vet when they need treatment.”

Little is known about Isha’s life prior to arriving at the DSPCA or how she incurred the injury on her neck. “Isha was found as a stray by a member of the public who brought her to the shelter,” the shelter spokesperson said. “We know nothing about her history, who she belonged to or know how she got such a horrific injury to her neck.”

Thankfully, the DSPCA’s veterinary staffers were able to swiftly come to Isha’s aid and get the situation under control.

“With a combination of tie-over bandaging, tension-relieving techniques and delayed primary closure, she has made a remarkable recovery and now only has a small scar left,” the DSPCA spokesperson said.

A video posted to social media by the DSPCA highlighted the incredible transformation, with Isha going from scared and stricken to happy-go-lucky in a matter of weeks.

The footage generated conflicting emotions for some of those watching. “Poor girl,” one user wrote. “Whoever caused that injury should be punished. Thank you for saving her life.”

This isn’t the first time a dog in the DSPCA shelter has generated consternation among animal lovers on social media.

A deaf dog who was left broken after a stint in the shelter drew similar sympathy, as did the story of a crestfallen canine who had spent close to a year at a DSPCA facility.

Elsewhere, there was anger after a box of puppies came to the DSPCA, having been dumped on a doorstep in freezing conditions.

The DSPCA hopes Isha’s situation gets a quick resolution, though. A spokesperson said: “Isha is available for adoption, and hopefully she will find a loving home soon.”

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