Historic charm, entertainment and sports venues make Glendale, Arizona, a top destination

3 months ago

Founded in 1892 by William John Murphy, Glendale has become a beacon for tourism and home to a quarter of a million Arizonans.

In its beginning, the 60 square miles known today as Glendale, was a barren desert landscape. Under Murphy’s stewardship, irrigation canals were dug, and rocky desert earth gave way to prosperous citrus groves.

The citrus industry became the lifeblood of Glendale, fueling its economy and attracting settlers.

The establishment of Luke Air Force Base during World War II brought new opportunities to the city. The base not only bolstered the city’s economy but also enriched its cultural fabric, as servicemen and their families became an integral part of the community.

Today, Glendale is the sixth largest city in Arizona and has amenities that draw crowds from across the country.

From the historic charm of downtown to the bustling energy of its Sports and Entertainment District, Glendale has something for everyone and continues to add more.

State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals, is located in Glendale. In 2023, thousands of football fans were drawn to the city for the Super Bowl LVII matchup of the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium.

In addition to its renowned events and tourism industry, Glendale also boasts large employers in a variety of fields including Luke Air Force Base, Amazon, and Red Bull.…Read more by Lux Butler


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