Stephen A. Smith Hypes Biggie As The JAY-Z Who Never Was

3 months ago

Stephen A. Smith showed love for Biggie in a recent interview, stating that the rapper would have been as big as JAY-Z if not for his murder. “If Biggie were alive today, I think he could be Hov. I’m not sure though, but I will tell you that his lyrics, along with his music, the sound of it. I would say to you I gotta give it to Biggie,” Smith told the Connect The Dots podcast.

However, when it came to his final ranking of rappers, Smith backed his close friend, Hov. “I have to go with JAY-Z. I personally think he’s the greatest. Biggie was something special, make no mistake about it, rapping about what he knows. JAY-Z knows more. Jay is more seasoned, so he had more to say. Even though Biggie spectacular, Nas is spectacular, Eminem is spectacular, LL [Cool J], DMX, all of them, spectacular. But, there’s only one Hov, bro. He has proven that through the test of time, with everything he’s done,” Smith said.

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Stephen A. Smith Allegedly Bans Pat McAfee From “First Take” After Recent Confrontation

Meanwhile, gossip outlets are reporting that Smith has “banned” Pat McAfee from appearing on First Take after the pair recently feuded. It’s unclear what the argument was about or how it led to Stephen A. placing a block on McAfee crossing over to First Take. The Pat McAfee Show, which joined ESPN last year, airs immediately after First Take on weekday afternoons.

However, some outlets have attributed the argument to “creative differences”. This could suggest that the two butted heads about their respective approaches to sports punditry. This remains a developing story and could be addressed by either side in the coming days. If Stephen A. addresses the rumors, it could come on The Stephen A. Smith Show, as he did with his feud with Lonzo Ball.

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