Microsoft’s Copilot artificial intelligence model will have a GPT Builder feature that can adapt itself

3 months ago

What Microsoft is trying to bring to every corner of the Windows operating system co-pilothas developed radically since its first appearance and ChatGPT It has become a solid alternative to Although our tech giant has many notable features, To co-pilot Even as they try to add more information, important shortcomings remain.

One of these shortcomings was the GPT feature that came into our lives with ChatGPT. The feature in question allowed users to create their own artificial intelligence models. ChatGPT, where you specify your weight loss program, can for example give you a shopping list based on this. There are many such areas of use.

Now the same function is included in Copilot under the name Copilot GPT Builder.

Sold with a price tag of $20 Copilot Pro subscribers can create, edit, publish, or share custom Copilot models with other users. When you share your private Copilot GPT with others, you pass a link to them. The great thing is that in order to open this link and use your model, the other party must also be a Copilot Pro subscriber. not required.

But regulations Copilot Pro As a subscriber you can do this on your own. This way you share the artificial intelligence model tampered with or removed You don’t have to worry about any problems. So the bottom line is that while you need to be a Copilot Pro subscriber to create custom Copilot GPTs, you don’t need to have that subscription just to view them.

When you open Copilot, it will say “Create a new one” above the default version. Co-pilot GPT” (Create a new Copilot GPT) option. From here you can create your own custom model. In which areas would you use this feature?…Read more by Alice


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