GR00T: NVIDIA’s latest AI platform unites top humanoid robotics firms

2 months ago

• NVIDIA announced Project GR00T, aiming to propel advancements in robotics and AI with a comprehensive foundation model for humanoid robots, partnering with major industry players excluding Tesla, and emphasizing the transformative role of human-centric robots in everyday life as articulated by Agility Robotics and Sanctuary AI.
• The company is set to bolster its hardware lineup with the introduction of Jetson Thor, a specialized computer for running simulation workflows and AI algorithms for humanoid robots, alongside launching key initiatives Isaac Manipulator and Isaac Perceptor to enhance robotic dexterity and vision processing.
• Through strategic collaborations and technological innovations in both humanoid and autonomous mobile robotics, NVIDIA positions itself as a pivotal force in the robotics industry, looking to shape and capitalize on the competitive landscape of robotics over the forthcoming years.

NVIDIA unveiled Project GR00T during GTC 2024, its latest initiative aimed at advancing the field of robotics and embodied AI through a versatile foundation model tailored for humanoid robots.

Who does NVIDIA collaborate for the GR00T project?

The company has introduced this platform as an adaptable foundation model specifically designed for humanoid robots. NVIDIA is crafting an AI framework to support the burgeoning humanoid robot sector, collaborating with leading firms such as 1X Technologies, Agility Robotics, Apptronik, Boston Dynamics, Figure AI, Fourier Intelligence, Sanctuary AI, Unitree Robotics, and XPENG Robotics. This initiative encompasses the majority of prominent players in the humanoid robotics field, with a few exceptions, including Tesla.

In the announcement, Agility Robotics received special mention, highlighted by a statement from Jonathan Hurst, co-founder and Chief Robotics Officer:

“We are at an inflection point in history, with human-centric robots like Digit poised to change labor forever. Modern AI will accelerate development, paving the way for robots like Digit to help people in all aspects of daily life. We’re excited to partner with NVIDIA to invest in the computing, simulation tools, machine learning environments and other necessary infrastructure to enable the dream of robots being a part of daily life.”

Sanctuary AI’s co-founder and CEO, Geordie Rose, shared his insights, stating: “Embodied AI will not only help address some of humanity’s biggest challenges, but also create innovations which are currently beyond our reach or imagination. Technology this important shouldn’t be built in silos, which is why we prioritize long-term partners like NVIDIA.”

Furthermore, NVIDIA’s Project GR00T will enhance its hardware offerings. A notable addition is Jetson Thor, a cutting-edge computer engineered specifically for executing simulation workflows, generative AI algorithms, and other applications tailored to the humanoid robot framework.

At this week’s GTC focused on robotics, NVIDIA revealed two additional pivotal initiatives: Isaac Manipulator and Isaac Perceptor. The field of robotics has foundational roots in manipulation, historically dominated by large industrial arms essential to automotive manufacturing. Looking ahead, the next wave of robotics aims for greater dexterity and mobility. NVIDIA is positioning itself to capture a segment of this emerging market, driving the innovation of more agile and mobile robotic systems.

“Isaac Manipulator offers state-of-the-art dexterity and modular AI capabilities for robotic arms, with a robust collection of foundation models and GPU accelerated libraries. It provides up to an 80x speedup in path planning and zero shot perception increases efficiency and throughput, enabling developers to automate a greater number of new robotic tasks,” the company states.

NVIDIA boasts partnerships with notable entities in the robotics industry. In addition, the company is extending its innovation to autonomous mobile robotics (AMRs) through the Perceptor program. The competition for dominance in the robotics market over the coming years, particularly between humanoid robots and mobile manipulators, promises to be intense. NVIDIA is strategically positioning itself to be a significant player across these sectors, aiming to influence and benefit from the sector’s growth and innovation.…Read more by Kerem Gülen


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