Get Your Tickets to THRIVE 2024—An Exciting Networking Event in Costa Mesa This April

3 months ago

With Dynamic Speakers, an After-Party and Plenty of Opportunities to Connect, This Event Is Sure to Help You Thrive!

There’s something special about the spirit of entrepreneurs, not unlike explorers of old expedition trips. An entrepreneur bravely navigates the uncharted territory between dream and reality. They turn restless energy into possibilities where others see obstacles. They’re wired to chase ideas with unwavering passion, always searching for the next concept to discover. Where others might break, an entrepreneur thrives.

Cristina Briseno, founder of THRIVE Events, understands this spirit well—not only does she teach it, but she also embodies it. Born in Los Angeles to a single immigrant mother, Briseno learned young that surviving adversity makes a person strong and prepared for future success. Among the top 1% lenders in the nation, as well as owner of On the Shore Lending, Briseno knows the importance of grit. Now married to George Briseno, who is also her business partner, Cristina is building family and community through contribution—a commitment to education and collaboration that serves as inspiration to other entrepreneurs.

On April 12, 2024, THRIVE will be hosting a highly anticipated networking event in Costa Mesa. A coming together of powerhouse talent, this event aims to provide a platform where individuals can connect, learn and grow. “THRIVE is designed for entrepreneurs: to help them build a legacy, elevate a skill set and increase business,” says Briseno. Imagine the vibe of Coachella coupled with the insight of TED Talks, and you’ll begin to grasp what’s in store for attendees.

The THRIVE networking event has assembled a group of speakers and networking opportunities that are intended to uplift and inspire. Champion of the “Miracle Mentality,” Tim Storey will provide the keynote speech for the event. Through best-selling books, dynamic presentations and strategy sessions, Storey empowers individuals “to transform setbacks into comebacks.” Appearing on major media platforms, as well as co-hosting a podcast with Deepak Chopra, he will use his knowledge to set the THRIVE stage for thinking large and realizing triumph.

Among guest speakers include thought leaders with ministry mindsets, like Stefan and Paige Junaeus. An acclaimed author, thoughtful pastor and distinguished entrepreneur, Stefan builds community around personal faith and the merits of business logic. His latest book, published by HarperCollins, offers a six-step plan to clarify vision, achieve goals and manifest dreams. Often in collaboration with Storey, the Junaeus family devotes their attention to innovators and wealth creators who seek purpose and influence.

The final two speakers of the upcoming THRIVE networking event are steeped in industry achievements. Joseph Trujillo, a renowned real estate leader, will share his approach to success—one that is based in calm reflection and ethical practice. Pablo Martinez, known for his work in the mortgage and brokerage industries, will speak to the importance of innovation and excellence.

Set to take place in the stunning warehouse space, Fete The Venue, this year’s THRIVE networking event will capture the attention of both seasoned professionals and those just starting their business journeys. Tickets are available in three tiers: general, which grants admission to the event; executive, which includes priority seating and two drink tickets; and VIP tickets, which afford front-row seating and a cocktail hour meet and greet with the speakers.

“What makes THRIVE unique from other networking events in OC is that it’s a beautiful blend of networking, education, art, music and contribution with a spiritual foundation,” says Briseno. Attendees can expect to expand their network and build valuable connections while hearing captivating speakers and participating in engaging sessions. “Discover a spiritual foundation that will uplift and inspire, ignite your entrepreneurial drive and unlock new opportunities.”

Briseno’s passion comes through when she speaks about THRIVE as a community-based movement. Combined with insights from her colleagues, Briseno is excited to assert the power of dreaming big, replete with a roadmap that helps entrepreneurs find clarity and strength. The THRIVE networking event on April 12 promises dynamic speakers, incredible connections and unique experiences—not to mention an amazing after party. “Brace yourself,” says Briseno, “for empowering words and life-changing insights.”

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