3 Reasons Why Mayank Yadav Should Be Fast Tracked To The Indian Cricket Team

3 months ago

3 Reasons Why Mayank Yadav Should Be Fast Tracked To The Indian Cricket Team – In the IPL 2024 match between Lucknow Super Giants and Punjab Kings, LSG managed to set a target of 200 runs for PBKS to chase in their 20 overs. Something remarkable happened during the chase when LSG bowler, Mayank Yadav achieved a special feat. In IPL 2024, he bowled the fastest delivery recorded by a bowler.

The young newcomer reached an impressive speed of 155.8 km/h. In the 12th over, he bowled with such pace that even a well set Shikhar Dhawan couldn’t help but get beaten while attempting to slash it away. It was truly thrilling to witness him consistently reaching speeds of over 145km/h during his performance. In this game, he managed to take three wickets as well.

Mayank also managed to take three wickets in this game. In his four-over spell, he managed to take three wickets, conceding only 27 runs. He played a crucial role in helping Lucknow Super giants turn the match around and secure a victory, despite a strong start from the Punjab Kings openers. India doesn’t have pacers who can consistently maintain that kind of pace throughout a spell. Umran Malik was a bowler who stood out. But he had a hard time finding the right line and length.

It seems that Mayank is not following that pattern. Not only did he bowl with great intensity, but he also managed to find the perfect line and length that caused problems for the PBKS batters. People are really excited to see him play in the upcoming IPL matches. But I’m telling you, he’s definitely going to be a valuable addition to the Indian Cricket Team soon. Let’s take a look at the 3 reasons why Team India should fast track Mayan Yadav in the team.

3 Reasons Why Mayank Yadav Should Be Fast Tracked To The Indian Cricket Team:

#1 India don’t have a bowler who bowls at 150kph consistently

He has sheer pace and bowls over 150kph power constantly. India don’t have any such bowler apart from Umran Malik who can bowl at this pace. Anything above this pace is sure to rattle the best of the batters and can create a sense of fear in them. He can be a potent weapon to destroy and cause trouble to the best of the batting line-ups. Also, there aren’t much bowlers who bowl at that pace in the world. So, batsmen are not so used to or comfortable to play bowlers of that pace.

#2 He has complete control on his line and length along with his pace

He was impeccable with his line and length in PBKS. he kept hitting the back-of-length at that extreme pace and caused trouble to all the batters. Batsmen did not find his footing against him and also could not use his pace to hit the boundaries. He was also smart with his bowling. At the Ekana Stadium, one side of the boundary is short and one side is long. The PBKS batters were trying to use his pace to hit to the shorter boundary. However, Mayank was so good with his line that he gave them no chance to do so. His line, length and pace hurried the batters and lured them into false shots with no timing. He can certainly be the game changer for Team India.

#3 Can be the X-Factor for India in the T20 World Cup 2024

Lastly, India’s upcoming T20 World Cup 2024 campaign presents the perfect stage for Mayank Yadav. In T20 format, where batters go for the big shots and have no time to settle in, Mayank Yadav’s raw pace and could prove to be the game-changer. He can be the surprise element for the batters who have not faced him earlier. His ability to unsettle batsmen with blistering deliveries could tilt the scales in India’s favour.…Read more by Rohit Sarkar


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