How The First Quarter Moon On April 2 Magically Improves Relationships For 5 Zodiac Signs

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You are entering a week that is known for bringing unexpected events and opportunities that will unfold in divine synchronicity.

This period is known as the Eclipse Portal and represents the two-week window between the Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25 and the Aries Solar Eclipse on April 8.

During this portal, time takes on a different meaning, as events and relationships seem to speed up or evolve at a completely different pace if you are holding the space for them to do so.

The week begins with a Mercury retrograde in Aries. A transit is not superficially known for bringing positive developments to relationships but can be used to your advantage if you know how to.

Mercury Retrograde will bring up past themes, conversations, or challenges so that you can work through matters with different insights, changing the outcome altogether.

This can help you peel back what you have previously tried to hide under the proverbial rug and let you have a more transparent and honest connection with your partner. While you should be mindful of exes trying to return, often those moments can help confirm your growth — or, in rare cases, offer you a second chance at love.

While Mercury Retrograde in Aries sets the intense tone for the second week of the Eclipse Portal, the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn on April 2 and Venus shifting into Aries on April 5 also provide pivotal opportunities to create space for more of the love you want.

The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn offers you a chance to reflect and release something; in this case, with Mercury Retrograde in Aries, you may be guided to heal a recent challenging argument or phase in your relationship so that you can truly breathe easy in a new beginning with a more stable foundation.

This sense of a new beginning will be supported as Venus shifts into Aries on April 5, helping you to find the drive and determination to create a fresh start in your life and relationship.

Venus is the planet of love, and in Aries, it changes the benefits or your approach to love. While you must be mindful of your temper getting the best of you, this provides a huge benefit to honoring your inner truth so that you can follow your heart with radical trust.

As much as the universe is conspiring to bring unexpected opportunities for growth into your romantic life this week, it’s important also to remain mindful that events may not truly come to fruition until the Solar Eclipse on April 8.

Take advantage of what arrives, but also remember that the process of love is one that space must be held for.

How the First Quarter Moon on April 2 magically improves relationships for these zodiac signs:

You are still coming off the energetic wave of the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which brought a new level to your emotional awareness. Although this event has already occurred, because it’s an eclipse, you likely will need to continue to process and explore what arose to understand the deeper meaning of your feelings fully. Keep this in mind as you begin the week, as Mercury Retrograde and Venus will both be occupying Aries, ruler of your relationship sector.

Mercury Retrograde in your house of relationships means that this will be an especially powerful time of reflection and redirection for you. While it increases the chances of an ex returning, it also may help you think about a past situation in a new light. Venus will be increasing your focus and emotional feelings toward your partner.

Give yourself time this week to sort through your emotions so you can ensure that any decision you make will not only be in your best interest but also genuinely support your personal growth. Sometimes, past themes or partners return to your life to help teach you something about what you want and who you are—recognizing that what begins to surface this week will all be part of creating the space for the love, you want to be able to grow.

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The week of April 1 brings some pivotal opportunities for you to progress your current romantic relationship — if you are willing to learn from the past. The influx of Aries energy activates your sector of long-term commitment and marriage, themes that will prove to be pivotal for the entire year.

At the same time, the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn asks you to reflect on what is of most importance for you in your romantic relationship. To be able to seize the energy of a new beginning, you must also realize that everything has happened precisely in the way that it was meant to.

Although Aries energy is known for bringing about engagements, marriages, or the deepening commitment of a relationship, Mercury Retrograde will also highlight a process of deep reflection for you. This can help you reach more closure with relationships that didn’t work out or challenges that you and your partner have moved through recently.

Truthfully, if things were meant to be different, they would be, but the reality is that they’re not for a divine reason. Instead of spending time playing the what-if game or romanticizing past relationships, use the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn to reflect on what is of the most value to you in your current relationship. Long-term love isn’t all romance and exotic getaways. Instead, it’s built on the appreciation of the value another brings to your life. When you can see this, you also know that the commitment you make really will be for a lifetime.

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While this week may not feel like it arrives with fireworks, don’t underestimate the significance of the small moments that have the power to change everything. The Libra Lunar Eclipse last week gave you a chance to put something behind you for good.

This was the beginning of creating space for newness to start blossoming, even if you were more focused on the emotional peace of knowing that whatever you’ve gone through is something you no longer need to worry about.

As the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn occurs on April 1 in your house of relationships, you will be gifted with the quiet certainty of feeling more secure with where you are in your life — which also means you’ll be able to enjoy all the love that surrounds you.

The Last Quarter Moon represents a time when you are called to reflect and focus on what you need to release in order to manifest more of what you desire. In Capricorn, this highlights your relationship sector, which can help you feel more at peace with whatever has occurred in your romantic life. Peace is the first step to being able to move forward. In being able to embrace this, you’ll also be able to adopt a more optimistic outcome, meaning that life won’t always feel as hard as it has in recent years.

Every relationship goes through growing pains. While some years are worse than others, it’s also important to be able to release those heavy emotions in order to find the happiness and joy you are seeking. You must also be in a place where you no longer need to be defined by what you’ve survived. This changes your energy to one of thriving, which is precisely the energy that will attract and continue to cultivate the dynamic, healthy love you are dreaming of.

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The energy of Aries amplifies your feelings of connection to your partner, creating a powerful desire to transform your relationship in the best possible way. As Mercury Retrograde begins here on April 1. soon joined by Venus on the fifth, you will be gifted with the ability to see how the choices you’ve made in the past may not have led to the outcome you had hoped for. This will help you understand how to approach your partner differently as you learn to prioritize what really matters.

By embracing this period of reflection, you and your partner can get back on track together and learn from your past choices so that you only end up growing closer. The idea is to understand how the past has affected the present you are currently living in and then lean into working together with your partner to create the relationship that you both want.

The Last Quarter Moon rises in Capricorn, highlighting your house of marriage and romantic commitment, and you will have added help from the universe in the process. Last Quarter Moons are all about releasing negative or hurtful feelings so that you can open up to receive more of the love and goodness you desire. With this energy, you can let go of past transgressions, regrets, or disappointments so that you can learn to embrace your relationship’s joyful possibilities more quickly.

You will be asked to have faith in this process, as there may not be the logical evidence you usually like to have. But by exploring with your partner how to improve the relationship, you’ll come to see that part of that is also letting go of the hurt, which will truly mark the beginning of something beautiful.

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The week of April 1 brings some positive developments for you in terms of your healing and learning to accept the love you deserve. Since the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, which brought up some important emotional truths in your romantic life, you’ve been trying to figure out what it means for you and the direction you want to move into.

With Venus returning to Aries on April 1, this will be supported as you will be able to practice a more profound love for yourself and for the choices you make. When it comes to love, the only factor that really matters is if you are confident in the direction you take — and not what anyone else may think.

As you prepare for your Solar Eclipse on April 8, you are more heavily affected by the current astrology than most other zodiac signs — but it also means you stand more to gain as well. The Solar Eclipse in Aries will bring about an amplified new beginning in how you live your life, which also comes down to how you approach relationships and the person you choose to build a life with.

For now, it’s enough to realize that how you love yourself will set the tone of the romantic relationship you choose to receive. If you want to make a change, the best place is to begin with yourself. This year will be one of profound growth and magic when it comes to love. There’s no need to rush; instead, see that unconditionally loving yourself is the first step to being able to have the love you’ve always desired.

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